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Showcase Media as a Freelance project

Showcase Media is a company started as a Freelance project .

I am a Freelancer, and I am the owner and creator of Showcase media. I an a Danish citizen  who have lived many years abroad in countries such as the Czech Republic, Vietnam, and Bulgaria 

Among other things, I have worked with online marketing in big companies such as Exxon Mobil and taught integrated market communication in colleges. Moreover, I have worked freelance with SEO for NOVASOL in the Czech Republic, designed, and managed a local webpage for them.

I have also designed several other webpages designed several webpages for different clients over the years where two of them still are online

Since 2016 I have worked as entrepreneur in the tourist industry and not has so much time to focus on web design but now I have decided to go back and dedicate my time to web design and SEO work

My area of expertise is WordPress web page design and digital marketing, and I offer webpage design that are able to attract, engage and retain more visitors. Moreover, I can assist your online presence with my effective search engine optimization (SEO), PPC and digital online marketing strategies

I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about industry best practice and the latest SEO trends from working in a successful agency but also through doing my own self-directed study techniques.,


Henrik Skov 
(Owner / Entrepreneur / Freelancer)

Our aim is to provide entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses with professional websites at an affordable price.

A network approach

There are advantages and disadvantages of offering SEO and Web design as a freelancer. The advantage is that you have low fixed costs, you have the overview over the entire process, you have a flexibility to offer customized solutions, and the client only have one touch point. The disadvantages is that SEO and Webdesign are brought fields that require many different competencies.

Thus, I have developed Shows Case Media into a network based company so that specialized work tasks such as translation, article writing, and advanced php programming are outsourced to network partners who has their expertise in those fields. This means that we can offer same service as larger companies with many employees

Client focus

We work with the clients on an individual level, which means that we can fit the design, promotion and SEO to the individual client and his needs. This also makes it possible to assist clients raging from those who “just” want a webpage without any desire for engaging in extensive online marketing to those who have ambitions of creating a state of the art online strategy.

Thus, what makes our concept different from many large web design companies is that we are trying to flexible in order to meet the specific need of the clients. This means that we have few standard solutions and we tailor our service offers to the need of each client, For example some clients wish to manage the SEO them self in such cases we can help them with support so they are able to do it on their own. Some clients only need assistance to specific tasks, and others wish that we took care of the entire SEO on the page.

In other words our philosophy is that the clients can draw on our experiences exactly where they need it need it and thus they can focus on what their competences.


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