Finding The Right Web Host

Finding the right hosting is very important for the success of a webpage. When you chose a host it is important or consider factors such as reliability, speed, capacity, service level price, and what is included in the price.

You can choose the host yourself, but in any case, we would like to recommend the host we have used for more than 10 years. The host we use is Ebola, which is based in the Czech Republic. Using Ebola will ensure that the Website will run quickly and reliably. In addition, Ebola has very competitive prices and there are no additional surcharges for HTTPs security or SSL certificates.

Moreover, using Ebola has the advantage that we have experience in using Ebola’s services for many years, which may make things easier in some situations

In case you have a host already, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of your web-hosting provider carefully and then compare the table below

1.81 €
/ month (incl. VAT)
Hosting for 5 domains
10GB of space
1GB for databases
Unlimited emails


4.60 €
/ per month (incl. VAT)
Hosting for 15 domains
30GB of space
2GB for databases
Unlimited emails


9.21 €
/ month (incl. VAT)

A hosting for 30 domains
50GB of space
Unlimited databases
Unlimited emails


From 9.21 €
/ month (incl. VAT)

From 10 domains
From 10GB of space
Unlimited databases
Unlimited emails

  • Normal availability 99.99%
  • Unloaded high-performance servers
  • Unlimited email inboxes
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Unlimited ftp accounts
  • Unlimited data transferred
  • Unlimited corn tasks
  • Apache 2.4, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3
  • Htaccess, mod_rewrite, SSI, WebDAV
  • Access to automatic backups
  • 10 switchable versions of PHP 5.2 – 7.4
  • MySQL database
  • Database PostgreSQL a SQLite
  • webmail, webftp, 2x sqladmin
  • SSD discs
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free HTTPS (including SNI)
  • DNSSEC, IPv6
  • Powerful ant spam, antivirus
  • Log files, statistics
  • GIT repositories including deploy