Affordable SEO services the right way : What it involves.

SEO is not only relevant when creating pages, but also during their operation. The optimization performed by us can help you to increase your website traffic, bring in new clients, bring more purchases, strengthen your brand, and make your business, more visible.


In short, some of the benefits of using our SEO service are that:

  • You get in touch with the right people, who can end up being your customers,
  • Visibility on search engines
  • Quality content is far more likely to be shared in social media and almost everybody is using social media today.
  • Your users and readers are far more likely to come back to visit your page and maybe even sign up for regular updates from your newsletter
  • Good content creates natural links, publicity and provides customers with useful info.

SEO is not what it used to be

SEO or search engine optimization is important but not important the same way it used to be

A few years back you could improve your placement on Google just by using the right key words, today the search engine algorithm has changed and do not only look at words but also on the meaning. This means the words are seen in a context of other words and the topic. The search engine sort to speak understand the text and include the quality of what you have written as an important parameter.

This goes hand in hand with a marketing philosophy about the webpage content should reflect the needs of the customers. The same goes for backlinks today where backlinks need to be qualified.

On the one hand, it makes SEO more complex but on the other hand is it makes it easier because you can focus on creating webpages that really appeal to your customers and not to the “search engines”.


As an example, when we use the search engine tools to is to find out which key words the customers we are targeting uses, but at the same time we consider whether the key words and the text as a whole reflects the objective in your marketing.

Another example is that SEO we always ask the basic question: What are you selling, and who are the profitable customers today and tomorrow? This often leads to content or keywords that not just are following the conventions in the business.

By working with this integrated process we ensure that we design webpages that maintain the audience of potential customers by consistently develop valuable content and at the same time range well in the search engines.This also means that SEO becomes an ongoing process, which is an integral of your online marketing

There are several ways to implement this integrated process ranging from situations where you deliver the content and we give you feedback and come with suggestions for improvement until situations where we are involved in the creation of the content

How to get started

 To make the first step to a clear SEO strategy it is important with a SEO audit that includes a Website Audit, key word analysis, and analysis of site-specific factors as well as off page factors that influences the visibility and visitor experience of the page.

We will create a report with suggestions for improvements and for those implemented we will subsequent will evaluate the results and monitor their success in the long term.

  • SEO consulting
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword analysis
  • On-page analysis
  • Off-page analysis
  • Evaluation, analysis of the current situation and other recommendations
  • Long-term management and optimization

You can choose to ask us to analyze or optimize single issues related to SEO or let us do a complete SEO audit of your page. For that purpose, we have a step-by-step process that enables us to deliver quality SEO services that drive traffic to your website and hence help grow your business

The process includes

1 Evaluation of your business goals
First, we work hand in hand to review your goals, understand what they entail and review how you can achieve them. Evaluation of your business goals helps us tailor a custom SEO strategy

2 Website Audit
In order to determine the correct procedure leading to effective optimization, we will perform a website audit. It examines the structure of the website, content, the use of HTML tags and much more

3 Keyword analysis
This will be followed by an analysis of keywords and phrases without which we could not work further. Keywords are the cornerstone of SEO

4 Web optimization
We will check the current position of the site in search engines; analyze the frequency and placement of keywords and their content. We will perform an overall internal optimization and we will not forget the backlinks.

5 SEO report
The SEO reports purpose is twofold: First, an SEO report may be used to identify areas of your site that require improvement and secondly they can be used to monitor progress and measure impact. .The SEO report does not necessary only include specific SEO issues but it is also appropriate to include other forms of promotion in the marketing strategy, such as social networks, PPC campaigns, viral marketing and more.

Basic SEO service includes

For pages created by us, we offer some basic SEO services free of charge that includes

  • Naming pages
  • The subpage names of your site are one of several factors that affect SEO settings.
  • Internal links
  • Set up internal links using menu anchors and other tools.
  • Naming photos (A very important factor in today’s SEO. Search engines require the correct naming of photos and the ALT IMG tag for each photo.
  • Sharing  (You will be in control of what your website looks like when shared on social networks or when sending a link to a mobile device.
  • Business card settings.
  • Titles & Meta
  • Sitemap