Our Web Design & Development

Design sells. A professional presentation of the company is the key to the customer’s interest and belief in your credibility. Showcase can help you with the creation of websites, which are tailored to meet your needs.

Your website layout should user-friendly and create powerful visitor experiences. If you have such a webpage, it is much more likely that you will catch the interest and attention of the visitors and convince them to purchase your products or use your services. To construct such webpages you need to have many things in mind. Such as if, the page is device compatible, responsive, easy to navigate, eye catching, fast and much more.

To have a webpage with great visitor experiences is not enough; the webpage also has to be found on google. Thus, you also need to have Search engine optimizations in mind when you construct the page so we will make sure SEO is an integral part of your project..

We have our focus on small and medium sized business and can help with the design of pages ranging from simple brochure websites to an advanced e-Commerce solution with a custom CMS or directory website.

Our website design is based on WordPress, which the most popular platform for web design today.

In brief our custom website design and development projects follow the structure below


Our Web Design & Development Process

  • Web Design Consultation
    As a begging of the process, we will schedule a free consultation where we will get to know your business and your needs and to see how our web design service can be a good fit for you.
    This consultation also allows us to discuss project details, budget framework etc. before coming up with an draft for a project
  • Planning
    We will discuss your options and examine different web design frameworks and WordPress themes in this process we will show you examples and ideas we can discuss. We will use this information and our own creativity, to build a website you will love that drives results.
    After we have agreed on a broad concept we will make a specification sheet that contains (domain and hosting information (if needed), the theme template information, plugins needed, the scope of the project and the timeframe.
    This will also include a discussion of when the content (photo and text) will be provided, and who is going to provide it.
    After we have agreed on the things above, we will send you a contract with the detailed terms, scope of work, timeline and pricing.
  • Web Design
    Depending on the type and complexity of the web project, we will begin the design and create a website wireframe or a comprehensive layout (comp) for you to approve.
  • Development
    Once we know how the website will look and have a clear plan for it, we will begin the development process. This may take some time depending on what features are being created or implemented.
    When completed we will present you for a demo version of the final webpage, if it is a bigger project we may present different phases in the project.
    Often this process includes a dialogue where we make several modifications before we reach how the final website will look before we launch it
  • Testing
    We launch the webpage in order to check if everything is OK, to finalize remaining issues and prepare for a successful launch
  • Website Launch
    When you are satisfied with the website and everything works, as it should, we will launch your website.
  • Website Maintenance
    Once your website is live, the website is all yours. However, you have the option to enroll into our website maintenance program. With this, we will maintain your website, edit your website according to your requests, and keep your website secure.


We are aware that for some, web administration is a completely new concept. If you happen to be unsure about something or something started to work incorrectly after your intervention, we are able to help you. Our services simply do not end with the transfer of the website.


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Built a web shop

Besides creating websites, we also create e-shops. We use the same basis, the same content management system, but with the difference is that we create a superstructure that works like an e shop. For this purpose, we often use Woo Commerce, which is an ecommerce plugin that turns any WordPress site into a powerful online store.

An online store can have from a few products up to several hundred products, which is why we on most cases only create a few items for the e-shop, as a model. The rest is often added directly by the customer.

This practice has the benefits that it saves money for the client and it is a benefit that the client is acquainted with the environment and learn so that he can make interventions at any time, e.g. change prices himself without having to wait for a response.

The e-shop is a full-fledged system that we can connect to the payment gateway, to invoicing programs, as well as the system can generate invoices itself.