Website Maintenance.

Many website operators forget important updates during the year and do not pay enough attention to their website, although the website is very important for their business. The reason may be a lack of time. Instead of the site working, it does not work properly or is even completely unavailable. Especially if the website is not regularly updated, it becomes more and more vulnerable over time, because various attacks are still taking place on the Internet. We can assist you in maintaining your webpage.


Our basic service includes:

  • Backing up your site: We back up your site on a monthly basis, as it is essential to have a backup on case of technical failure, mistakes, or loss of data when updating the system.
  • Updating WordPress core: WordPress is constantly updating with mew features, bug fixes and security improvements. To ensure that your page is up to date we update the WordPress when new versions are released.
  • Keeping themes and plugins up to date: It is also important to update your Theme and plugins on a regular basis. In those updates, security is improved and bugs fixed. In addition the updates are important as the insure that they work properly with the latest version of WordPress
  • Clearing your cache: Caching solutions store a static version of your site. This allows WordPress to skip executing heavy PHP scripts and improve the performance of your site, but over time, cached files are piling up and cause performance issues for your site..
  • Optimizing your database: Your website database is a set of structured data that stores all the data from your webpage such as user roles, post information, and other site data. Over time a lot of obsolete data from deleted material and changes remains in the database by removing unnecessary data, you can improve the efficiency of your database and it can greatly affect the performance of your website
  • Posting content: We offer 2 hours of web editing that can be used for making minor changes or updating posts, items, texts and photos on your site f. You deliver the material and we edit the existing content or post the new
  • Highlight from Google analytics: Such as number of visitors, profile, white pages they visit, time spend on your site etc.


Apart from the things mentioned above there are many other small and less frequently needed tasks that also are included, such as clearing out your Media Library, deleting spam comments, and fixing broken links